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Less radiation

Qi-Max protects against all harmful radiation caused by mobile phone radiation, WiFi, wiring in the house, outside, electric smog, & more

Energizing water

The Qi-Max will change water in the Qi-Max;s area to have healing properties like the healing waters of the earth.


What clients are say

"I had decided to buy a Qi-Business for my office. We have very confined spaces with many PCs and monitors, and the atmosphere in the office used to be very tense. Particularly in the late afternoon, we experienced declining concentration and increased tiredness. After only a few days, this all changed to a very comfortable atmosphere, and all traces of tiredness had completely disappeared: even until the evening hours, I can remain highly focused and alert."

Olivia Kevinson
Olivia Kevinson Business Owners

"Since about 2003, I was plagued with sleeping problems. In 2015, this issue had become so serious in nature that I started hallucinating due to chronic lack of sleep. A friend of mine recommended the Qi-Home to me. In mid-May 2015, I then installed the Qi-Home. I asked him when the device would start working, and he replied that it should do so immediately. Actually, after having installed the Qi-Home, I was able to immediately enjoy a full night sleep. It is incredible how well I feel, and I can really recommend the device to others."

Mitchell Harris
Mitchell Harris Financer

"The first thing we quickly recognized was that our water had a much lower viscosity than before. Then we realized: we need less sleep, and still we are well rested in the morning. A common cold only lasted for two days instead, as usually before, up to seven or eight days. The subsequent cough period we knew from previous colds was absent. We also enjoy a faster recovery phase after a straining day. We are very satisfied, and we have also come to the realization that the Qi-Home provides a great benefit for our health."

Julia Cloe
Julia Cloe Sales Manager